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Grace Collective Outfitters

October 1st will be our very first outing with GCO. $35 covers kayak rental and shuttle. If you have your own kayak this is a free event for you. Make plans to kayak or tube down the river with us on October 1st. More details to come soon.

College & Singles Gathering

Come enjoy some good food and great conversation at the Quate’s house on Saturday, September 17th. Time will be announced soon, but make plans now to be with us.

Fall On the Farm

Our 3rd annual Fall On the Farm is October 29th. Hayrides, bonfires, s’mores, crafts, food, and much more is planned for this year’s gathering. Fall On the Farm is an event for the people of GCC to spend time getting to know each other through fellowship and fun. We value community and one of the best ways to build community is by having fun together. So bring a side or dessert, a camping chair, and enjoy some time with your church family.


Sunday, August 28th, we are worshipping through baptism. Join with us in celebrating the lives that have been changed and the boldness of those declaring faith in Christ through baptism. If you’d like to participate, click the picture to sign up.

Welcome to Grace Collective Church

Our Vision

Grace Collective Church exists to guide people in relationship with Jesus and each other.

Our Mission

To disciple men, strengthen marriages and partner with singles and families.

Our Values

  • Growing Faith
  • Relational Discipleship
  • Authentic Community
  • Committed Service
  • Sacrificial Generosity
  • Strategic Missions


The Bible states that "God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son."  We want the people of Rock Hill to know that God is for them, and we are too.

23rd Jan 2016
UPDATE: 11am Service ONLY on 1-24-16

UPDATE: 11am Service ONLY on 1-24-16

23rd Jan 2016
Weather Watch

Weather Watch

06th Oct 2015
Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 5.25.49 PM


This Sunday we will be collecting donations to send to those in need across our state after the devastating floods over the past week. As a church, we have an...

26th Mar 2015
Easter 2015b


Each year millions of people attend Easter services. Some attend out of tradition or routine; others out of respect for the wishes of a family member; the vast majority of...

26th Dec 2014
Year-End Giving

End of Year Giving

18th Nov 2014


God has done some incredible things already in the short history of Grace Collective Church. One of the most obvious is how He continues to draw people to be a part...

03rd Nov 2014
Fall at the Farm

Fall On the Farm

  This Saturday Grace Collective Church is gathering to enjoy this beautiful time of year.  Fall On the Farm is a time for us enjoy the community that God is building in...

12th Jul 2014

Finish/Starting Line

As much waiting and thumb twiddling as Thursday brought, Friday delivered on a mountain of work to be done. We’ve been waiting on some paperwork from the Secretary of State...

12th Jul 2014

Big Steps

(Originally posted June 21, 2014) Yesterday turned out to be a very important day for GCC.  At this point of the journey much of the progress is unseen.  On Thursday we...

12th Jul 2014

The Team

(Originally posted June 19, 2014) So what’s happening right now?  How exactly does a church start? Truth be told, there’s only one way a church is born.  God creates it....