Build Your Kingdom Here 2017


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why can’t we stay at the BCM?
    • We have been able to enjoy the maximum timeframe allowable by the rental policy of the BCM.
    • Even if another contract was available, GCC has maximized the space available and staying at the BCM would be a significant limiting factor to our growth.
    • Another group is already contracted to move into the BCM at the fulfillment of our contract.
  1. How much space do we need?
    • We need a minimum of 6,000 square feet to accommodate our Sunday morning worship environments.
    • HVAC systems, and multiple restrooms are also required.
    • Adequate parking is also a need in considering facilities. We will need parking for 50 to 80 cars.
  1. What are the costs of the market?
    • Our current rental costs are rare. We have only incurred a $600 per month expense over the last year.
    • Warehouse space averages approx. $5 per square foot. 6,000 sq ft. would cost $2500 each month. Warehouse space (assuming it has adequate parking) would most likely require installation of HVAC. That could be a considerable cost in the tens of thousands of dollar range.
    • Retail spaces (free-standing or store front) averages approx. $14 per square foot. 6,000 sq. ft. would cost $7000 per month. Retail space rarely has more than one or two bathrooms. Additional restrooms would need to be installed. This would be a considerable cost as well.
    • Schools are often used by church plants. The cost for renting schools is set by the School District. The space needed and school administrator, janitorial, and technical assistance required by the District policy would cost between $5000 and $7000 per month. We would also have to purchase a trailer or box truck to store our belongings each week. Onsite storage is highly unlikely in a school facility.
    • Purchasing a building is highly unlikely due to both our young age as an organization (high risk) and our financial position. In the event we were able to borrow money, a 25% down payment would most likely be required.
  1. What are the geographical options?
    • Central Rock Hill or proximity to I-77 would be optimal locations. As options move outside of those areas, ease of access and directions becomes a factor. We want to find a location that is easily recognizable or requires simple directions. We are looking to stay in Rock Hill as opposed to Fort Mill, York, etc.
  1. What can I do to help?
    • Spending time with God in prayer, scripture, and fasting. You will be hearing more about this in the weeks to come in your small groups, on Sunday mornings, and via social media.
    • Giving beyond what you normally give to Build your Kingdom. Giving takes faith as well. We promise no manipulation tactics.  But we do want you to understand the need and pray about how God would have you respond.
    • Prepare to give on October 2nd. We know that some people have already given and others will need to give at a later date. However, we are making Sunday, October 2nd, a special day as we pray and prepare to give leading up to our worship time together.
    • Click here to give online. Your financial gift is tax-deductible and we will update you on how it is used as God reveals His plan for us.

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